There can be two types of SAP training: online and Offline or classroom SAP Training. As is evident, online classes are conducted over the internet with mentors teaching you through video mode. You are given study material and you can appear for online tests whenever necessary. The offline mode is where you have to attend classes physically at the institute, like our students at Graphson Technology. You may be thinking which one is the best option for you. Let’s find out!

Benefits of Classroom SAP Training Over Online Class.

There are several advantages of attending classroom SAP Course. We asked our students as to why they chose our offline classes instead of picking up one of several virtual classes available online. Their main reason for doing so is that the physical presence of a teacher or mentor in a classroom cannot be replicated online. It is true that you can ask your doubts in both these options but it’s not just the words of the teacher that actually teaches you. It is the entire personality and body language of the teacher that gives you confidence in a particular subject. Moreover, there is nothing like clarifying your doubts in a class rather than through virtual means.


SAP Training in Kolkata Online


Secondly, when you get SAP training in classrooms, you are in a room with several other peers learning the same thing. The collective experience is impossible to replicate online. Here you get the answers to the doubts expressed by other students. It may be that you have not thought of those aspects of a topic yourself but now that something has raised the issue, your own ideas about the concept got better. At times, your peers can help you pick up something because they are thinking along the same lines as you, as opposed to a mentor who is probably not being able to grasp what it is that is niggling you.

Classroom SAP Training are excellent for networking as well. There students in the same room as you will work as SAP Consultants in the future. When you are in touch with them, a better opportunity can always present itself through these contacts. That is something that is completely absent when you attend online classes. There you know no one and basically entirely on your own. Building a few professional contacts and networks while you train as a SAP professional will hold you in good stead later on.