Time is a crucial factor for youngsters, especially in this day and age. They are conscious about the duration of each course and schedule their studies accordingly. It is never a case of waiting for a course to be completed before knowing what the next step is going to be! Enthusiasts interested in learning SAP or opting for SAP training in Kolkata are curious about the duration of SAP courses.

SAP Courses – Your Future Changer

There isn’t. SAP is a product that deals with ERP. Anyone who knows anything about ERP will tell you that this kind of resource planning takes multiple factors of running a company or organization into a single umbrella. As a result, there are numerable planks of ERP and subsequently, SAP. There’s finance, logistics, planning, and several other aspects. With so much to learn, how can you possibly put a time clock on this?

If you go by what the experts of SAP tell you, learning this software has no time limit at all! There are SAP updates happening at regular intervals and you need to be updated about these if you are working as an SAP professional. Moreover, after learning the basics of SAP, you may find to do a bit of specializing, like in the sector of finance. That will take some additional time. The general impression is that it takes about 3 years to become a pro in SAP.

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SAP Course Training – The Career Growth

Experience of working in an SAP environment will teach you about this software further. If you look at it that way, even SAP consultants who have dabbled in this software for about 6 or 7 years cannot claim to have learned everything there is to know about SAP! It is that vast a field. As someone said, SAP is like an ocean and even the more experienced ones have only a few buckets in their tanks!

However, if you look at the SAP training modules and courses of Graphson Technology, you will get an idea of how much time you need to invest to learn SAP. Our modules are developed with a lot of attention and care so that the learning curve is an exhaustive one, without wasting your time.