If you are looking for a career as an SAP professional, you need SAP certification. This certificate is a testament that you are trained and capable of working in an SAP environment. This certificate is issued by the parent company of SAP in Germany. So there is a standard that you have to meet, which is internationally accredited. It gives you a lot of credibility about your proficiency with SAP ecosystem. Let’s take a quick look at the success guide to SAP certification.

Experts here at Graphson Technologies who have years of experience with SAP training in Kolkata list the need for foundational knowledge as the number one mantra to SAP certification. Your concepts and ideas need to be clear from the very onset. That way, when you start working on complicated and convoluted problems, you will be able to work your way around the maze. Otherwise, there are strong chances of toppling over if you base is not strong. Make sure you know the SAP acronyms well, along with the project concepts.

Benefits of SAP Certification

SAP offers ample and exhaustive opportunities to practice what you learn theoretically. You can work on live projects on the SAP infrastructure. The key to success in SAP certification is that you must be well-versed in the ecosystem of SAP. The more you work on this setup, the better your chances are going to get. You will also build up enough experience, which will help you immensely not just in getting the SAP certificate but also when you start working as an SAP professional.

The Success Guide to SAP Certification by Graphsontech | SAP Training in Kolkata | ERP Training Institute in Kolkata

Thirdly, lay a lot of stress on the theoretical part. While it is true that practical experience is a must, your knowledge of SAP theories is also important to get the certificate. Concepts and ideas have to be memorized. You should go through the SAP certification material thoroughly before you take the certification test.

Finally, this is the day and age of mock tests! The same applies to SAP certification test as well. There are plenty of questions available online and you will get many more from our mentors here at Graphson Technology. Familiarise yourself with the questions and the question pattern. You should also have an idea about the complexity of the questions and how to manage time in answering them. When you take the actual test, the experience and confidence you take away from these mock tests will make a huge difference in the right direction.