Technology Services

Our penchant for high-quality data processing and to add to the technological advancement that’s taking place every day, has led to our improved services over the years. For about two and a half years, we have developed ourselves into one of the best SAP training institutes in Kolkata.

SAP is a growing industry capturing the technology-based market steadily. But the number of certified professionals is too low to maintain a legit balance in the field. Hence, we’ve made a conscious attempt to provide SAP training in Kolkata and help make a career out of it.


At Graphson Technology, we offer a variety of services to help prepare the enrollees for a career in SAP that lies ahead. We also offer proper SAP modules for enrollees to prepare from. Additionally, we undertake 3 examinations and presentation processes during the course, alongside regular personality development and mock interview sessions. Our services are available at colleges and educational institutions, as well as corporate organizations.

For colleges and educational institutions, we cater every aspect of SAP to the aspiring students. We attend to their queries regarding placement, focus on business content etc. Also, we prepare our candidates keeping their campus drives in mind. There are two courses for the students:

  • SAP -01 Course – It gives an insight to the benefits of SAP ERP solution in today’s IT sector.
  • Consultant Course – It is designed to help engineering or management students pursue a career as a Functional or a Technical Consultant in industries that rely on SAP.

For corporate organizations, our services are a lot more result-oriented. We help the employees gain knowledge on how to manage their strategies and to get a grip on the subject matter. Our courses for these clients include:

  • SAP Project Based Assignments – This is about them learning how to manage the skills they have related to the job, and how to quickly acquire new skills in SAP technology.
  • Other IT Technologies – This aspect of our service deals with training employees of an organization to learn time-management and how to maximize the performance level within a short time.

Our services focus on high-quality training for the educational institutions and corporate organizations. Classes are on weekdays; they start from 9am and they go on until 7pm. We aim to offer SAP training with 100% placement in Kolkata and other metropolitan cities, and follow a professional route to live up to our promise and potential.