If you want to pursue a career in the IT sector, it is always advisable to learn something that is still in the nascent stage, with a strong potential to emerge as a phenomenon in the years to come. This is important because if you pick up lessons in technology or programming that is on the wane, it may no longer be in vogue by the time you turn pro. All the time and resources you invest in learning it will bear little or no fruit. SAP HANA is a certification that is growing like a giant every day. On a global scale, ERP Courses will set you apart from all other IT professionals simply because you know something that others don’t! What’s more, this additional knowledge is actually being used to do the primary work in database management.

Before we dig any deeper into the potential for SAP HANA, a quick word is necessary on what it actually is. SAP HANA is the bedrock of new SAP applications. It is the in-memory database that will help form the basis of SAP’s thrust in the future market. With the help of in-memory databases, it will be possible to handle real-time business data analysis. To improve business processes, there has to be a seamless flow of data between business transactions and their analyses. That is what SAP HANA will help do.

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Why SAP HANA Course is Essential for IT Industry?

Firstly, you will learn in-memory computing technology, along with the architecture and implementation in a SAP HANA framework. You will pick up the details of data processing, provisioning and modelling that will help you work in a business process with a global setup. There are various applications that run on SAP HANA, like SAP Business Warehouse, SAP HANA XS applications and SAP BI tools. In the training module for HANA, you will get to learn all this and more.

However, there are some prerequisites for learning SAP HANA. You need to have an understanding of Database Management Systems of DBMS. You should have experience in working with BI tools like Oracle BI or Open Source and IBM Cognos, along with ETL tools and SAP Data Services.

You should note here that Graphson Technologies is the only SAP training institute in Kolkata which provides SAP HANA live project exposure to students. So that’s something that you can’t afford to miss if you are seriously going to be a SAP professional.