What is ERP/SAP

What is ERP?
Why we need ERP?
Advantages of ERP
Major ERP Packages
What is SAP?
History & Features of SAP
SAP R/2 Architecture (Limitations of R/2 Architecture)
SAP R/3 Architecture (Types of work processes)
SAP R/3 Application Modules
SAP Landscape
Understanding the logon client

ABAP Dictionary

ABAP Dictionary Introduction
Data Dictionary Functions
Data Dictionary Objects
Data Base Tables
Data Elements
Type Groups
Search helps
Lock objects
Primary Key And Foreign Key
Check table and Value table
Table Maintenance Generator


Creating a package
Difference between local objects & packages Transferring local objects to packages

Internal Tables

Introduction & Purpose
Declaring Internal Tables
Read data from database to Internal Tables
Processing Data from Internal Tables(Insert/Append,Modify,Read,Delete,Collect)
Types of Internal Tables
Types of declaring Internal Tables

Open SQL

Accessing Database in R/3 System
Standard SQL
Changing Data(Insert,Update,Modify,Delete)
Reading Data(Select,Select Single)

Debugging Techniques

Debugging Techniques Introduction
Break-points (Static & Dynamic)
Watch points

Modularization Techniques

Includes Programs
Function Groups & Function Modules


Classical Reports
Define Selection Screen(Parameters,Select Options,Check Box,Radio Buttons)
Formatting Selection Screen
Classical Reports Event
Interactive Report and Events
Techniques Used For Interactive Reports

    • Hotspot, Hide& Get Cursor

Message Classes

Message Class Introduction
Message types
Calling message class in Report & Dialog programs

ALV Reports

ALV Reports Introduction
Simple report to display simple ALV List using Function Modules
Simple report to display simple ALV grid using Function Modules
Interactive ALV details

Batch Data Communication

BDC Introduction
BDC Methods
Call Transaction Method
Session Method
Handling Table Controls in BDC
Legacy System Migration Workbench(LSMW)

Module Pool Programming

Introduction to Module Pool Programming
Working with Flow logic (PAI,PBO,POV,POH)
Screen Painter, Menu Painter
Working with Buttons, Step loops, Table control
Creation of Sub screens,Tab strips
Dynamic Screen- Call Screen, Set Screen, Leave to Screen& Leave Screen

Smart Forms

Smart Forms Introduction
Graphics Management
Style Maintenance
Dynamically changing internal tables contents in Debugging Editor
Options to step through the program in Debugging Editor
Customer Exit, Field Exit, Screen Exit & Menu Exit
Introduction&Basic Concept
Introduction&Basic Purpose
Miscellaneous Topics
Interview Question Discussion
Real time ABAP Project will be Shared and Discussed.