There are many languages available for you to choose for your AI project like Java, Python, C#, Prolog, LISP and more. A lot of factors like the ease of code, personal preference, availability of developers, etc can influence the choice of a language for machine learning. The skills of the developer are very important for exploring the possibilities with a language. One of the best languages for Machine Learning remains Python and with Best Machine learning with python training in Kolkata offered by Graphson Technology, you can leverage its potential truly.

What Is Python?

Python is a robust, high level, highly useful, interpreted programming language that is focused on RAD or Rapid Application Development, And DRY or Don’t Repeat Yourself. It can work exceedingly well to connect the existing components and can work as an excellent glue language. The scalability and the adaptability of Python are easily among the fastest among other languages and it is very easy to learn the language. Moreover, Python offers excellent support and a library that makes it a very good choice for any type of project like a mobile app, Web App, AI, Data Science or IoT.



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Why Python is selected for AI and machine learning?

Whether it is a start-up or it is an MNC, there can be huge benefits with the use of Python. Python also finds applications in more complex processes like AI and Machine learning, data science, natural language processing, etc. The reasons for such wide applications of Python very successfully in the complex processes of Machine learning and AI are as follows:

  • It requires less code: Artificial Intelligence requires a lot of algorithms to function very efficiently and Python can provide it excellently. Python can help in writing as well as execution of the codes in a very easy and effective way. It is possible to implement the same logic by using around 1/5th of the code that will be required by other languages.
  • Python has vast libraries: There are a lot of libraries available with Python and these libraries can fulfill any of your needs easily. For example, Scipy can be used for advanced computing whereas Numpy can be used for scientific computation.
  • Support: Python is open-source and has a great community that can provide all sorts of help. A developer can access a host of resources if there is a need for it anytime. The active coders available in the community can help the programmers at each step of the developing cycle. You can also get all sorts of help from the Best Deep learning training in Kolkata.