If you are reading our blog posts here regularly, you should be knowing that most tier 1 companies of the world are moving towards SAP frameworks. SAP platforms offer them the option of bringing all their different operations under one umbrella. This saves time and boosts customer service. With all major companies using SAP, the competition alone will drive others towards moving their operations to SAP frameworks. Joining the right SAP FICO Training Institute can help in shaping your career and become a successful SAP FICO Consultant.

SAP FICO Training Job Opportunity

The Financial segment of SAP is SAP FICO. Youngsters often ask our experts here at Graphson Technology about their possibilities of finding jobs after completing the training of SAP FICO. Many even wonder if they can sign up for SAP FICO training with their educational qualification. To set the record straight, let’s begin the discussion on the job possibilities in this segment by focusing on whether you qualify for this career course at all.

To begin with, SAP FICO becomes a tad easier when you have prior knowledge about finances and accounting. It also helps if you have work experience on SAP platforms. Other than these two points of concern, there’s no reason why you cannot sign up for SAP FICO courses.

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The Future of SAP FICO Consultants in Kolkata

As for the job scenario, there’s a prevalent misconceptions about SAP jobs that they go to experienced candidates only. That’s not true, wholly. There are job opportunities for youngsters fresh out of SAP training institutes. Of course, you will have to look at junior level positions. That does not mean that the pay packets are thinner by any chance! When you compare them to other IT jobs in the market, SAP professionals earn handsomely more. For experienced professionals, the compensation package is much higher, as it should be.

Like you know, with more companies using SAP, the demand for entry level SAP professionals have shot up in the last couple of years. You will be surprised to know how many trained SAP professionals don’t apply for SAP FICO jobs because they are convinced that they are not going to get it. Or that only experienced SAP executives can land such jobs. Due to the high demand of such professionals, freshers can actually make a good impression and land a lucrative job, provided they are job-ready and well-trained, like the SAP professionals trained at Graphson Technology.