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Not wrong to say that data is one of the important assets for businesses in today’s world. It is the data that helps to understand as well as improve the business process triggering the sources of profit and loss also. Without any shadow doubt, business organizations look for professionals who can manage, organize, and store humongous data to prepare report for better business and better analysis of customers’ demands. The data scientist is the professional who takes care of such giant task for an organization that deals with billions of data every day.

Today, whether it is a start-up or a well-established company; it needs to hire a data scientist to understand the business inside-out with future predictions in the best approach. Graphson Technology is one of the best python with data science training institutes in Kolkata that has come up with the best data science along with machine learning, Python, and data analytics training program in Saltlake, Kolkata.




Data Science Training Program Online/Offline in Kolkata at Graphson Technology

Since the year of inception, Graphson Technology has been offering the quality and career-shaping training programs in SAP for fresher as well as professionals. The institute has a vivid rate of success in offering training programs with internship and placement assistance. At Graphson Technology we hire only experienced and qualified personals to conducting quality-adhered training programs in

  1. Data Science
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Python
  4. Machine Learning

Candidates who wish to undergo a data science training program with machine learning and python can contact us directly. We can arrange customized training programs according to the needs and demands of our candidates. Nonetheless, we are flexible and well-equipped to offer online data science training program with or without Python/Machine Learning for candidates who are not being able to join classes in our institutes.

Why Choose Graphson Technology for Python with Data Science and Machine Learning Training and Internship?

Graphson Technology offers candidate-centric courses that every candidate gets the right exposure to fulfill his/her goal shaping career. We wish to offer a bright and lucrative career to our candidates undergo a data science and machine learning training program under our umbrella.

Our clear endeavor is to resolve all the quarries and doubts raised by our candidates via one on one conversation that our candidates will have the proper knowledge and skill.

  • Our training program is held under the guidance of professionals who have years of experience and knowledge in the same domain and can share with candidates.
  • We conduct a data science training program online also with Python and machine learning internship. Candidates are free to choose the course structure according to their needs.
  • We provide study materials that students can get ample help in learning when they are not in classroom.

Tips and techniques we share with our candidates during the training period and assignments are as much as necessary to prepare their candidature in the Data Science domain.

Data Science and Analytics Certification Course

Who should take this course?

  • For Fresher’s and  Professionals
  • Professionals in IT, MIS, reporting etc. who work with Data Sheet & Data Base
  • Business professionals in Marketing, Finance, HR, Supply chain, Bio technical student , Genetic engineering ,Financial Consultant , Automobile Researcher   Medial Science Student, Pharmaceutical Student   etc. from the industry verticals of Manufacturing, Telecom, IT, Banking & Financial Services, FMCG, Hospitality, Healthcare , automobile Government  sector , Reality sector etc.
  • Professionals who want to start or shift to a career in data analytics & data Science



  • Freshers – Masters/Graduation in Stat, Math, Eco, Bio, Commerce, BE/BTech/BBA, MBA, MCA
  • Advanced Excel
  • Analytics Fundamentals
  • SQL Queries & Relational Database Management
  • Data Structures
  • Tableau Essentials
  • Business Statistics
  • Predictive Modeling with R
  • Python for Data Science
  • Machine Learning Essentials


Data Science and Machine Learning & AI Certification Course

Machine learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that develops computer programs to access and use data to learn themselves. Python is one of the most demanded programming language in the industry today for machine learning and data science. Our python programming and machine learning course are designed for students and working professionals in data science, machine learning, and AI domain.

The hands-on problem-solving-based learning with regular assignments and real-world cases by industry practitioners gets you ready for the world of machine learning and AI.


  • Freshers – Masters/Graduation in Stat, Math, Eco, Bio, Commerce, BE/BTech/BBA/ MBA, MCA /BPHARMA / Genetic Researcher / Bio-Tech Etc .
  • Dash boarding & Automation using Advanced Excel
  • SQL Queries & Relational Database Management
  • Data Visualization using Tableau
  • Business Statistics
  • Predictive Modeling with R
  • Data Science with Python
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning

 To Conclude

We are professionals in offering training programs based on industry demand. Thus, each candidate passed out from our institute can make his or her own way in the Data Science domain effortlessly.

Join our Data Science training and machine learning internship programs in Kolkata today!