Congratulation on completion of your SAP certified course!

So you are into the path of a bright career which is waiting for you. So it is obviously an overwhelming experience for you.

But I want to share some more information about the SAP which you may not have covered in your course material. So here are three basic concepts:

  • The process of the SAP business
  • The acronym of the SAP
  • Concept behind the project undergoing.

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Let’s dive into detailed information

Let’s start a detailed about these concepts:

  • Business processes

Most of the best SAP ABAP training at salt lake institutes often shares the industrial trainings where you can get the concept clear. But if you have not undergone the project during the courses, understanding the process through sap flow is very important.  This is only because of the fact that the most of the organizational processes are cross functional i.e they go through various departments before finally coming up. So while undergoing the courses focus on the functional areas of various business processes which is very vital. This would also help in preventing any wastage of time too.

  • Sap acronyms

This is nothing but the process of fitting the process in the sap technology as required. Sap comprises of many different modules which are meant for different sectors. So to get ultimatum in the sap, you need to understand various acronyms of the term and it is quite a vital part. Such as the FI, CO, SD, MM, HR, PM Etc comes under the functional and technical module.

And the ABAP, ALE, ALV, BAPI, CATT etc are the sap modules under the sap technical.

  • Project concept of the SAP

This is actually the deployment of the sap projects and the roles of the various people involved with the project. It is very important to understand and especially for the beginners who are starting their career in the SAP newly.  Each phase of deployment involves various milestones which fulfill the criteria to take it to the next phase or level.


Wrapping up, these three basic SAP concepts will be helpful for beginners to stand out in their professional life. Check out the various Sap certification courses and the ABAP training at Kolkata to enter into the world of the Sap dependent world. Hope this would be quite helpful for you and assist you in establishing your SAP career successfully for long term.